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Working for the McGill Law Journal is an invaluable complement to a student’s legal education. The experience allows law students to be exposed to legal scholarship of the highest caliber and to interact with some of the keenest legal minds in the country and around the world. Members also obtain academic credit for their work.


The Journal is wholly student-run and independent of the Faculty of Law. Our members thus have significant responsibilities in upholding the quality of the scholarship published in the Journal. For that reason, we seek to select disciplined students who have a marked interest in legal scholarship and who will involve themselves fully in the Journal.


Students may join the Journal after their first or second year at the McGill Faculty of Law. The selection process is competitive and involves both an application package and an interview. The application package is completed during the spring, and the interviews take place after reading week.

Two types of positions are available to students seeking to join the Journal.

Editors are fully involved in the selection of articles and their preparation for publication, both of which are challenging exercises requiring a critical eye and attention to detail. Both French and English editors evaluate articles submitted to the Journal in order to determine whether they are acceptable for publication. Once articles are accepted, editors correct textual grammar, spelling, and syntax, and work with the author to improve the text’s structure and flow. They also check footnotes to ensure accuracy and edit footnotes to ensure compliance with the Canadian Guide to Uniform Legal Citation (Cite Guide). Editors also contribute to the life of the Journal by participating as members of internal committees addressing ongoing issues or implementing specific projects.

Managers become acquainted with the particular challenges of running a small business. They are responsible for all of the business affairs of the Journal and handle, among other things, finances, marketing, solicitation of advertisers, and public relations. They are responsible for planning events such as the Annual Lecture, the French Conference, Coffee House, and various recruitment initiatives. They may also be involved in special projects depending on the needs of the Journal. The Journal managers hone their time- and project- management skills, in addition to their attention to detail. These assets are highly valuable for whatever career path they ultimately choose.


If you are interested in joining the McGIll Law Journal team:


  1. Fill out the following Google form to request recruitment package:
    1. Specify which position(s) you are applying for;
    2. Specify the 2-week period during which you would like to complete your package. Here are all the two-week periods:
      1. Jan 28 – Feb 11;
      2. Feb 4 – Feb 18;
      3. Feb 11 – Feb 25;
      4. Feb 18 – Mar 4;
      5. Feb 25 – Mar 11.
  2. On the first day of the selected 2-week period, you will receive the recruitment package  via email at 12 PM.
    1. Included in this email: link to a Google Drive folder onto which you will upload your completed application materials.
  3. Complete the recruitment package during the selected 2-week period.
  4. On the last day of the selected 2-week period, before 12 PM, do the following:
    1. Upload the relevant documents onto your Google Drive folder; and
    2. Send a note of completion to
  5. Interview (if applicable).




Don't hesitate to send us your questions about the recruitment process.


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