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The McGill Law Journal welcomes unsolicited submission of articles, case comments, book reviews, and book notes in both French and English.  Submissions are subjected to a rigorous editorial review process and are peer reviewed before acceptance for publication. 


Only submissions that adhere to the following submission requirements will be reviewed.  Please feel free to contact the Editorial Board for more information about the Journal’s evaluation and editorial processes at


Submission Instructions and General Requirements


The McGill Law Journal is now accepting English- and French-language submissions for Volume 63. Submissions will be accepted on a rolling basis.


Submission Requirements:


1. Submission Exclusivity 


The Journal does not accept submissions that are simultaneously under consideration by other publications. We ask that authors confirm their compliance with this policy in their submission email; if we do not receive confirmation, we will ask an author to provide it, and we will only begin evaluating the submission upon receipt of this confirmation.

Upon reception of your submission and confirmation of exclusivity, you will receive an acknowledgment and an estimated timeline for a publication decision. Please note that copyright for all manuscripts accepted for publication will remain with the author. However, the author must sign an agreement granting the Journal an exclusive license to publish the piece for the first time, in addition to a non-exclusive license to reproduce and distribute the article or extracts thereof. Any subsequent reproduction or republication of the article must bear the legend that it first appeared in this Journal. Furthermore, our agreement prohibits online posting until 8 months after publication.


2. Electronic Submission


The Journal requires all submissions to be in Microsoft Word format and emailed as attachments to The Journal does not accept manuscripts submitted via fax or standard mail.  All submissions must be free of any references identifying the author.


3. Citation Style


Please use footnotes rather than endnotes. Articles must use footnotes that adhere to the Canadian Guide to Uniform Legal Citation. The author must provide complete citations and ensure that pinpoints to specific pages or paragraphs are provided where required. Please cite only to proper sources (example: cite to the print version of a newspaper article or book instead of the online version), as citation accuracy is an important part of our selection process.


4. Supplementary Information Required


Articles and case comments


Submissions must be accompanied by an abstract or synopsis in order to be considered. A table of contents precedes articles and case comments published in the Journal. It is thus preferable that authors include one with their submission. Please also indicate the author’s institutional affiliation.


Book reviews and book notes


The McGill Law Journal seeks to publish reviews by scholars (including students) whose field of research corresponds to the topic of the book under review. Authors should include in their submission email a short paragraph explaining how their background makes them well suited to review the proposed work, as well as a CV and list of publications. Those interested in requesting a review copy of a book from our list of available books should provide the same information.


5. Requirements for Categories of Submissions


The McGill Law Journal encourages scholars and practitioners to submit manuscripts of various types. The most common categories of submissions are:

  • Articles: Preference will be given to articles that do not exceed 20,000 words including footnotes. The Journal will not accept submissions that are unfinished theses, preliminary drafts, or book chapters.
  • Book Reviews and Book Notes: The McGill Law Journal welcomes submissions of reviews and notes on books published within the 18 months preceeding the submission. In addition, we maintain a list of specific books available for review here. Book reviews should not exceed 5,000 words including footnotes, and must include a title. Book notes should not exceed 1,000 words including footnotes.
  • Case Comments: Case comments should not exceed 10,000 words including footnotes.

Those interested in receiving a review copy of a book listed below should email us with a short paragraph explaining how their background makes them well suited to review the proposed work, as well as a CV and list of publications. Please note that receiving a review copy is not a guarantee of publication, and that reviews will be subjected to our standard evaluation process.

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