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Submission & review process

Review process

Once submitted, manuscripts are taken through a two-step formal evaluation process conducted by the Editorial Board and external reviewers. Only those articles that pass an internal evaluation by the Editorial Board will be sent out for external review.


The review process lasts between five (5) and fifteen (15) weeks. Please note that the review process may take up to four (4) weeks longer around the Faculty of Law’s examination period (November–December and March–April). We consequently recommend that you submit your piece outside of these periods. Questions regarding the status of submissions should be directed to the Executive Coordinating Editor by email at or by phone at (514) 398-7397.


The following are some of the guidelines used by the Editorial Board in assessing submissions:

  • Quality of scholarship: Quality and depth of research; originality of the author’s contribution, including presence of new and creative thought; plausibility of the author’s argument;
  • Literary quality: Writing style and organization of ideas, including language, syntax, and flow; and
  • Use of citations in footnotes: Over/under-referencing, accuracy of sources, relationship and relevance to the text.


Editorial Process

The editors of the Journal approach the task of editing with an ethic of respect for the style and ideas of the authors whose work we publish. All articles published in the Journal are edited so as to conform to the style rules contained in the latest version of the Canadian Guide to Uniform Legal Citation. Where the Guide is silent on technical issues of grammar or matters of style, the Journal edits in accordance with its internal style manuals. For English articles, editing decisions are based on the most current editions of the Chicago Manual of Style and the Canadian Oxford Dictionary, while French articles are edited in accordance with le Robert, le Grévisse and the Dictionnaire terminologique de l'office de la langue française. With respect to the addition, deletion, clarification, or reorganization of content, editorial decisions may be based on the comments of internal or external reviewers. Final decisions on such matters, however, are left to the author.


Authors are given appropriate opportunities to read and correct proofs of the article.


Every quotation and footnote published in the Journal is verified for both style and substantive content by an editorial team to ensure the accuracy and pertinence of the sources that are cited. This thorough editorial process is essential to the maintenance of the high academic standards of the Journal. If sources cited by an author cannot be obtained by the Journal, the author may be asked to provide the Journal with a copy of the source.

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