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Under volume 57, the McGill Law Journal became the first Canadian legal journal to launch a significant podcast series. The goal was to increase the Journal’s online presence by providing a forum in which to discuss important legal questions, while connecting with our audience in a deeper way. Please email if you have any questions or suggestions regarding our Podcast series.

Cyberfeminism and the eGirls Project with Professor Jane Bailey
Posted on Mon, 18 Nov 2013 15:52:04 +0000

In this episode, Laura Rhodes met with Professor Jane Bailey of the University of Ottawa to discuss her work with the eGirls Project, which studies privacy, security, and equality in the increasingly online lives of young women.

La controverse Nadon avec Maître Bernard Synnott et Professeur Paul Daly
Posted on Wed, 06 Nov 2013 16:27:00 +0000

Dans cet épisode, Eloïse Gagné parle avec Maître Bernard Synnott, Vice-Président du Barreau du Québec, et Professeur Paul Daly, de l’Université de Montréal, sur l’affaire complexe de la nomination du juge Marc Nadon à la Cour suprême.

“Universality”, Subjectivity, and International Law, featuring Professor Mohsen al Attar
Posted on Fri, 25 Oct 2013 18:36:37 +0000

In this episode, Alyssa Clutterbuck sat down with Professor Mohsen al Attar of Queen’s University Belfast to discuss his provocative article in the latest issue of the MLJ, “Reframing the “Universality” of International Law in a Globalizing World”.

AG Canada v Bedford, Part II – Alan Young, Daniel Weinstock, and Russell Browne
Posted on Mon, 30 Sep 2013 16:13:13 +0000

This summer, the SCC heard arguments for Attorney General of Canada v Bedford, a high-profile constitutional challenge to Canada’s current approach to prostitution. In this episode, part 2 of 2, we discuss the principle of “harm reduction” in Charter jurisprudence and what it means for the rule of law.

AG Canada v Bedford, Part I – Alan Young & Russell Browne
Posted on Tue, 24 Sep 2013 15:07:14 +0000

This summer, the SCC heard arguments for Canada (Attorney General) v Bedford, a high-profile constitutional challenge to Canada’s current approach to prostitution. In this episode, part 1 of 2, we discuss the history, the positions, and what’s at stake.

Supreme Court 2013 Preview, featuring Eugene Meehan, QC
Posted on Tue, 03 Sep 2013 13:57:23 +0000

The Supreme Court is back in session October 7th, and this fall is going to be a big one. We sat down with SCC expert Eugene Meehan, QC, of Supreme Advocacy LLP, to discuss some upcoming cases and their legal significance.

Racial Profiling in the Canadian Context, featuring Fo Niemi and Tamara Thermitus
Posted on Tue, 06 Aug 2013 18:26:27 +0000

The Trayvon Martin shooting has ignited a debate in the US about racial profiling. We met with Fo Niemi, executive director of CRARR, and Tamara Thermitus, Ad.E., who has written on race and the law, to discuss these issues in the Canadian context.

‘Unsteady Allegiances’: Freedom of Religion in Quebec, featuring Professor Muñiz-Fraticelli
Posted on Mon, 15 Jul 2013 17:42:00 +0000

In recent months, Quebec has witnessed a number of high-profile clashes over religious freedom. We met with Professor Victor Muñiz-Fraticelli of McGill University to talk about three – concerning schooling, public prayer, and religious headwear – and what they say about Quebecois culture in 2013.

A Necessary Act? The Defence of Necessity and Global Warming, featuring Dr. Hugo Tremblay
Posted on Fri, 28 Jun 2013 15:09:59 +0000

We sat down with Dr. Hugo Tremblay of Montréal’s Centre for International Sustainable Development Law to discuss his fascinating article in the latest issue of the MLJ, “Eco-Terrorists facing Armageddon: The Defence of Necessity and Legal Normativity in the Context of Environmental Crisis”.

Tax Avoidance, Tax Evasion, and Tax Justice with Professor Allison Christians
Posted on Fri, 14 Jun 2013 14:37:58 +0000

Apple, Google, Starbucks: Some of the biggest corporations on the planet are paying virtually no tax on the profits they make. We sat down with Professor Allison Christians, H. Heward Stikeman Chair in Tax Law, to discuss fairness and justice in taxes.

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