Clerks!, part II

Posted on Fri, 27 Oct 2017

In Part Two of Clerks! we visit the Supreme Court of Canada in Ottawa to hear about recent changes to the clerkship recruitment process. Gib van Ert outlines the new process, and we consider how clerkships reflect broader themes at play in our legal culture. Dans ce deuxième épisode de Clerks!, nous visitons la Cour Suprême du Canada, à Ottawa, pour en apprendre davantage sur les plus récents changements au processus de recrutement des auxiliaires juridiques. Gib van Ert détail le nouveau processus, puis nous considérons comment l’institution des auxiliaires juridiques reflète plus largement des grandes tendances de notre culture juridique. Music: “Diamond in the Back” by Curtis Mayfield, “Conspiracy,” “Anticipation,” and “Music of Beauty” by Fesliyan Studios, and introductory and concluding songs by Benjamin Goldman and David Nugent. This two-part podcast is by Éléna Drouin and Laura Alford, Editor-in-Chief and Executive Coordinating Editor for volume 63 of the McGill Law Journal. Produced by Alexis Hudon and Emma Noradounkian, Podcast Editors for volumes 62 and 63 of the McGill Law Journal.

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