À partir du volume 57, la Revue de droit de McGill est devenue la première revue canadienne à lancer une importante série de podcasts. Depuis, nos podcasts ont exploré de nombreuses problématiques en droit canadien, notamment sur la justice criminelle et le fédéralisme canadien. Nos podcasts ont également traité de sujets de droit international, comme les crises humanitaires et le développement de nouvelles normes internationales, tel quel la personnalité juridique de l’environnement. Dans chaque épisode, nous invitons des universitaires de renom, des praticiens et d’autres experts, qui ont été impliqués dans les débats et décisions qui altèrent et révolutionnent le droit au Canada et dans le monde.


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Posté le 12 Fév 2021

La violence sexuelle et les dénonciations publiques dans l'ère post #moiaussi

Dans cet épisode du Balado de la Revue de droit de McGill, nous explorons les limites du système judiciaire en matière de crimes sexuels, les obstacles qui empêchent les victimes de trouver justice par le processus pénal, les risques de la dénonciation en ligne et, finalement, les autres recours disponibles.

Posté le 9 Fév 2021

The Ethics and Legality of Police Tactics During Public Demonstrations

In this episode, we discuss the various tactics used by police during protests for racial justice and their legality, both from a general legal standpoint and from the American context. Our guest is Karen Pita Loor, Clinical Associate Professor of Law at the Boston University School of Law.

Posté le 20 Jan 2021

ADR in the COVID Era

On this week’s episode, MLJ Editors Garima Karia and Addie Lalande explore the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic for ADR. How are ADR professionals adapting to this new reality, and will these changes outlast the pandemic? They speak with Me Anaïs Lacroix, a lawyer and co-founder of Latitude Management, as well as Professor Fabien Gélinas, a professor at McGill’s Faculty of Law and an international arbitrator.

Posté le 15 Jan 2021

Health Equity, Federalism, and Canada’s COVID-19 Response

In this episode, we examine what health equity means and try to understand both the challenges and the opportunities that the COVID-19 pandemic presents for achieving health equity in Canada.

Our guests are Steven Hoffman, a professor of global health law and political science at York University, as well as Daniel Weinstock, a professor at McGill University’s Faculty of Law.

This episode is sponsored by Torys LLP.

Posté le 2 Déc 2020

Litigating for Change: Dr. Cindy Blackstock on First Nations Child Welfare

This episode seeks to uncover the impact and significance of the Caring Society litigation, which condemned the Canadian government’s approach to First Nations Child Welfare and called for action on policies that have continued to perpetuate historical inequalities. Our guest is Dr. Cindy Blackstock, member of the Gitksan First Nation in Northern British Columbia, Professor of Social Work at McGill University and Executive Director of the First Nations Child and Family Caring Society.

Posté le 16 Nov 2020

A Conversation with Brad Regehr, President of the Canadian Bar Association

Our newest episode features an insightful interview with Brad Regehr, president of the Canadian Bar Association. Mr. Regehr is the first Indigenous president in the organization’s history, and has been a leader in the legal field as a partner at Maurice Law. This episode will explore the experiences that inform his approach, as well as his vision for the Canadian Bar Association.

Posté le 3 Nov 2020

Litigating Laïcité: The Bill 21 Challenge

As the trial begins for the court challenge to Bill 21, our newest episode aims to provide helpful context that emphasizes the social effects behind the legal arguments, while offering a glimpse at what it’s like to be at the forefront of a major Charter case. Our guests are Noa Mendelsohn Aviv, director of the Equality Program at the Canadian Civil Liberties Association, and Me Nour Farhat, a lawyer representing the Fédération autonome de l’enseignement.

Posté le 24 Oct 2020

There's an App for That: Legal Technology and the Future of the Profession

Over the past few years, there has been an explosion of technologies providing and enhancing legal services. Some view these developments as a way to promote access to justice, while others point to emerging ethical dilemmas. To explore these issues, we are joined by Jena McGill, Professor at the University of Ottawa, and Costa Ragas, partner at Fasken and a core part of the ViaFasken team.

Posté le 7 Oct 2020

From Calder to Tsilhqot’in: The Past, Present and Future of Aboriginal Title

In Tsilhqot’in Nation v British Columbia, the Supreme Court of Canada issued a declaration of Aboriginal title for the first time in its history. To better understand the evolution of Aboriginal title, from Calder to Tsilhqot’in and beyond, we interview David Rosenberg, whose extensive experience includes acting as lead counsel for the Tsilhqot’in Nation at trial and on its successful appeal to the Supreme Court.

Posté le 30 Sep 2020

Remembering Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg was a brilliant Supreme Court Justice, a trailblazing woman and an outstanding role model. To commemorate her life and reflect on her legacy, we are joined by Professor Deborah Jones Merritt, who has known her for over 40 years.